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5 Minutes with a Successful General Manager: Mr. Adriano Currenti

 iWorkInHotels.com is proud to present the fourth interview of the blog series “5 Minutes with Successful General Managers”. The interviews of this series follow the principle of the 3 S’s – Short, Simple and Straightforward - just enough to give you an insight into the thoughts and beliefs of today's top hospitality professionals. Enjoy!



This Time in Spotlight: Mr. Adriano Currenti, The General Manager of Hotel Matelote, Antwerp, Belgium.


To begin with, can you speak a little bit about yourself? 
I have worked 1 year at the reception of Sheraton Brussels, after which I had sales jobs at Royal Windsor Brussels (3 years) and Metropole Brussels (4 years), a while Director of Sales at Marivaux Brussels and its sister hotel Le Relais Margaux in Bordeaux. Since 1,5 years General Manager of hotel Matelote.
What drives you? What is the highest purpose for which you do what you do? Money, God, world peace?
I have a passion for hospitality, I like the fact of welcoming people in a stylish environment. My biggest passion is sales, budgeting, forecasting and revenue.

How important is a hospitality-related education to become successful in the industry?
It is important to have a hospitality-related education to understand the basics, but afterwards you have the learn on the spot, from experiences hospitality people that manage you and invest time in you.

If you were to be graduating from a Hotel School in 2011, what would be your next step?
I would start in a big chain to learn the structures, and after some years I would go for privately owned hotels in order to be able to compare the differences.

Practical or Theoretical Education – which one and why?
I always preferred practical education, because after all you have to learn while working. The experience that colleagues and managers can give you around you on the workfloor has no price.

What is the biggest mistake which you would like to re-do during your career?
I have always followed my own ideas and vision. I left my ‘biggest love’ in the hotel (hotel Metropole Brussels) after having missed a promotion. After that I had a difficult period, but I would re-do it in exactly the same way again, because I believe that other people should not decide about where your destiny lays.

What are the most challenging aspects about your job?
To make the guests happy every day again.

To run a hotel, you need a lot of workforce. How important is the role of interns for such a hotel?
Interns can, when coached by fix staff, be very important for the backup functions of a hotel, and they can learn valuable experience. In many functions it can be a great asset to have trainees.

As a hotel, what kind of trainee would you hire?
I personally like trainees from good schools (I have always worked with trainees from Bad Honnef in Germany, and in Metropole we have had a trainee from les Roches as well) because such a school prepares people in a good way, especially on attitude.

What’s the next step?
In my case, I would like to have my own hotel or be Director of Sales or GM of a larger hotel.

Why is your hotel good for internship or working?
In my hotel it is a bit delicate because the hotel is rather small and with limited departments.


Thank you Mr Adriano Currenti for your interview! We wish you the best of luck for the future!


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