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8 Dining Mistakes You're Making That You Never Knew About!

by rozin.abbas from Time 4 Learning

When I think about dining etiquette, and what I presume other people think about it as well, is that it's just about going to eat, right? You sit at a table, eat your delicious food and be done with it. Shouldn't be that simple? But it's not. And, really, it's all a matter of principle, the mannerisms, the respect it shows, and so forth. "What am I doing wrong, though?" I hear you asking. Well, here are 8 dining mistakes you're making that you never know about!

For example, did you know ...

1. How you position your utensils sends specific signals to the waitstaff?

2. Rubbing your chopsticks together is considered rude? It's a sign that the establishment is low quality or their utensils are cheap.

3. Resting your chopsticks across your bowl is considered a breach of etiquette?

4. Letting your chopstick stand in your rice bowl is considered an offering to the dead?

5. That there is a proper way to hold and place your utensils down? You shouldn't hold a knife like a dagger or place the cutlery back on the table once you've picked them up. 

6. You should pass the salt and pepper together ALWAYS? Don't pass the salt or pepper separately. 

7. This is considered an INFORMAL dining setting?

8. And this is what a FORMAL dining set up looks like?