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Augusto, age 18-21 Baggage Handler Trainee
November 02, 2011 at 8:26 PM

Worked from 12.01.2011 until 12.07.2011

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In my personal opinion, I would say that to go to work in the hotel Arts you need to be flexible with your work's hours,because rarely you finish when you are suppose to. I decided to do my first internship in this hotel because of the name and also because of the company which belongs to,called Ritz Carlton. I think that this hotel makes you feel really under pressure but I also believe that trains you for the hospitality industry; so I can say that for me was a really formative experience and I suggest to go there to all the people who really are interested to work in a well known hotel like this. The location is really amazing I really enjoyed to stay in barcelona,is a really nice and interesting town to visit.

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