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Male, age 18-21
January 15, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Worked from 01.01.2013

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Go to the W if possible !!! Hotel arts is a factory of interns almost every employee is an intern expect of course the managers and supervisors. First you will have 2 days of orientation where they will tell you the ritz carlton philosophy which they don't apply and some random information about the hotel then you start work and prepare to be in a place where you learn how to polish shoes carry luggage's and open taxi doors. Facilities for employees are less than basic locker rooms depressing and overall managers which you never see and the few times you do don't say one single word to you. You will be treated like cheap labor because it's more than half the hotel is. To conclude spare yourself an awful internship where staff don't care about you and where you will do nothing interesting. Go to the W which is much better and no a factory of interns.

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