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Terms & Privacy is a web portal specialized for the hospitality industry, which aims to provide a base for those looking for information on hotel work, internships, and schools. Working as a social network, this service allows its members to rate hotels in which they have worked or done an internship, schools they have attended, as well as create online profiles in order to communicate and search for other members.

By using our services, whether you are simply a visitor of the site or a member of, you are bound to respect the present general terms and conditions of use and you agree to respect them entirely. The user of the site equally assumes all the responsibilities and risks of use of the content of the site.
IWIH OÜ is the operator of the site The general contractual conditions of use of the sites belonging to the company IWIH OÜ are available in several languages. However, in the case of unforeseen circumstances, the version with the general contractual conditions in English will be the only one valid on a legal level and will be used, in case of disputes, in the national and international courts of justice.

In any case, the use of our site and its various services has to be in accordance with the existing laws in the users’ particular country of residence. This especially concerns publishing rights and copyright law, and the use or receiving of certain contents or types of information that could be present on our site.

«The user» is represented by any visitor of the site or by members registered with and using (whether entering on a professional or personal basis), and who distributes content such as data, texts, images, photos, files and other relevant media on the site.

« The advertiser» is represented by the company registered with in order to advertise job offers to the user, or to access CV's posted on the site for recruiting purposes.

« The partner», is represented by a site that has agreed to exchange a link with our site or to supply content to the site.

1. Using the services of the site

By using this site, you accept to abide by the present conditions of use. If you do not accept the present conditions of use, do not use the site and its relating services. By using our services, you maintain and guarantee affidavit that:

  • You have ensured that you are not breaking any law or regulation in force in your country of residence or country of connection.
  • All the information regarding your registration is accurate.
  • You will endeavour to update regularly your personal information on the site.
  • You will not create more that one account on the site.
  • You will not disclose your password to anyone else.

Moreover, the company has to be duly registered with the Trade and Companies Register or with the Repertory of the Trades in their own country of residence on the day they register on our site.

The CV collection of the site is a private data base reserved only for the use of the members of the site. If by using the site, you or one of your employees or a person authorized by you cause any loss or damage to any person having updated their CV on the site or to any other person, you accept to compensate us immediately on demand for any loss or prejudice that we might undergo in this respect including if necessary any legal, administrative and/or technical costs that might ensue.

You accept not to include in your advertisement any logo or mark other than that of your own business.

We inform you that the company who publish an offer for a position are under the obligation to publish their advertisements without contact information in one of the languages proposed by Should you not abide by this rule, the advertisement will be immediately withdrawn as well as the recruiter.

You are responsible to remove any advertisement for a job vacancy that has since been filled. In case you cannot make the change yourself directly on the site, you are responsible to inform us as soon as possible so we can proceed with the removal of your advertisement.

We reserve the right to suspend or limit access to the CV collection on the site if we suspect any abuse. As an immediate consequence your profile will be completely removed and you will lose any credits you might have.

You accept to abide by the Work Regulations regarding the process of recruitment and in making decisions regarding work, especially the rules adjoining discrimination and by the Work Regulations in the country of connection.

By accepting to abide by the present General Conditions of Use, you acknowledge that your use of our services and the site does not imply any transfer in your favour of the rights of intellectual property or the know-how that our company possesses, especially all rights related to trademark, graphics, design, logos, patents, audiovisual work available on the site that are protected by property right in accordance with the international agreements and remain the exclusive property of IWIH OÜ.

You must not use the content of the site for your own profit under any circumstances. The collection, the arrangement and the assembly of the content of the site are the exclusive property of and are equally protected by author rights. It is strictly prohibited to sell or modify the content of the site or to reproduce, publish, forward to the public, distribute or use the content of the site, for public or commercial reasons, in a manner different from the one proposed by us in the beginning. You are equally not authorized to copy or adapt the HTML, CSS codes or any other codes that has created as they are equally protected by the intellectual property rights held by IWIH OÜ.

Any member who violates the author rights and other rights of intellectual property held by other people will be banned from our services.
The users of the site are forbidden to test our system or network by infringing the security measures or the authentication measures without being authorized to do so. They are forbidden to try to interfere with the service supplied to all the users, hosts or networks, including, without any limit, to use viruses, to spam, to create overloads, to send logistic bombs or any other software or engines meant to damage and harm our network and computer system, or any other form or attempt of hacking.

By violating the security of our system or network, the user could face civil or criminal responsibility. In such cases, IWIH OÜ could resort to and cooperate with the public authorities in order to prosecute the users implicated in such violations. Using the content of the site on another Internet site or in any other digital environment is prohibited.
IWIH OÜ and its various partners are the only bodies authorized to inform the members of our site about the new services or news that could be of interest to them by any means at their disposal, including emails, telephone calls, fax and mailing lists.

2. Modification of the Conditions of Use

IWIH OÜ can modify the present Conditions of Use any time by updating the present pages without previously consulting its members. This will be done in order to remain up to date with changes in the industry or law. This modification will take effect when it is published by us on the site, and your uninterrupted use of our services means that you accept the changes brought to the present General Conditions of Use.

Your use of the site will be ruled by the latest version, meaning the most recent one, of the general conditions of use posted online through our care and consideration at the moment when you are using the site. We advise you to visit the pages periodically in order to keep up to date with the conditions of use in force.
Should you not agree with this modification, you have the right to cancel your inscription on the site at any moment.

3. Duration and termination

These General Conditions of Use will take effect on your first visit of the site and remain in force for as long as your registration is active or for as long as you visit the site. You can terminate your account with at any moment for any reason you might have.

We will close any account of any user and we will block the access to any user who violates the present General Conditions of Use. We reserve the right to take these actions at any moment, in our own discretion, with or without warning, and without any responsibility or compensations from our part regarding the holder of the cancelled or at that time defunct account or regarding the user whose access to the site is blocked. We will equally close any account having supplied false information and any account that has been the target of complaints.

We reserve the right to suspend the services that are provided to you. In this case, we demand the immediate payment of the amounts that are due to us including any legal fees. We cannot guarantee that the services of our platform which are free of charge at present will remain the same in the future.

4. Security

We remind you of the importance of never disclosing, for any reason, your personal information such as address, telephone number, bank details or any other information over the Internet that could cause you damage. You agree not to use at any moment the account, the user name or the password of another member and to disclose your password to anyone else. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your own personal password that you use in order to access our services and you accept to take responsibility for all the acts committed with this password.

You agree to warn the administration of as soon as you suspect a non authorized use of your account or that someone has accessed using your password. We reserve the right to change the issued passwords periodically.

We can equally, and at any moment, analyze the content of your publications and all the data in your account in order to insure the security of the other users and to conform to the services intended for the employers’ use.

5. Non-commercial Use

Our services are exclusively for personal use and cannot be used for commercial activities, except for those established and recognised by IWIH OÜ.
If you accept to receive advertising information (i.e. newsletters) or notifications from, we may periodically use your email to send you such notifications regarding our products and services offer. You can unsubscribe at any time via the instructions found at the bottom of each email if you wish not to receive such information from us.
Any illegal and unauthorized use of our services, including the collection of information, is strictly prohibited. Any commercial advertisements and any other form of requests can be removed without notice and can lead to the cancellation of the member’s registration.

You accept to use the CV collection in order to look for candidates for specific advertised positions of employment and not to contact them for other reasons. The user cannot sell or make available to third parties, in return for payment or free of charge, the services offered by us.
Any illegal or unauthorized use of our services will be brought before the court of justice.

6. Property rights over the content of the site is protected by copyrights and international laws regarding the author rights and intellectual property.
All the elements of the site such as texts, articles, photos, illustrations, images or videos are the property of I IWIH OÜ and constitute the object of agreements allowing their publication on the site or any other web support through our care, which means that you grant us free and international license to use the contents of intellectual property that you publish on our site .This license finishes when you delete your content of intellectual property or when you cancel your account. The deleted contents can nevertheless persist in the backup copies for a certain time but the internet users will not be able to access them.

We have the power to use and change your publications on our site even if their content is protected by author rights. We can also use publicly this information or withdraw the content that has been published if we think that it has violated the author rights. On the other hand, if you consider that the withdrawal or deletion of this content by our services is an error, we give you the possibility to demand us to review our decision by sending us an email at

No element of the site can be posted, copied, distributed, published, reproduced, downloaded, translated or transmitted, in any possible way without our prior written authorisation or the authorisation from the holder of the author rights with the strict exception of its use for media advertising and under the condition that the intellectual property rights are respected and a written authorisation is signed by us .In the situation when we authorise the recopying of the content of our sites, the following must appear on all the copies, without exception. "COPYRIGHT IWIH OÜ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ".

By submitting to the present general conditions of use, you assert and guarantee to be the owner of the published content and that it does not violate any right. In this way you are protecting against any legal proceedings and convictions that could be pronounced against it once that content is published.

We draw your attention on the fact that may have partnerships with other sites which implies that your advertisements could be published on other sites in order to increase their visibility. Likewise, certain extensions of the site are submitted to the Conditions of use of external companies. Please refer to their conditions of use for reference.

7. Illegal activities and forbidden contents

Here is an expansive but not exhaustive list of the type of member content that is illegal or forbidden for publication on the site:

  • Documents with xenophobic, violent, shocking or extreme subject matter that encourages hate or violent behaviour.
  • duplicate advertisements or publish fake advertisements
  • multiple available positions of employment in the same advertisement
  • use of our mark and logo without our prior permission
  • abusive material
  • publishes links to adult websites or any other link with no connection to the hospitality and catering field
  • nudity or sexual activity
  • Material that could be seen to be paedophilic. The full member details of any such guilty member would be immediately passed on to the police.
  • requests for personal information about another user for commercial or illegal use
  • false or misleading information
  • incitement of illegal activities, abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, and slanderous behaviour
  • offers of illegally copied documents protected by the author rights
  • spam mail
  • invasive material that affects the privacy of any individual
  • damaging or defamatory remarks about another person, member of the site or not.
  • distribution of viruses or other similar malicious viral programming
  • requests for information concerning race, religion, political views, age, health, physical appearance, sexual and moral orientation
  • the proposition or publishing of activities for profit-making purposes without our consent
  • the publishing of an image of another person without his/her consent
  • encouragement of the consumption of alcoholic beverages without specifying age restrictions that apply for that particular beverage
  • breach the security or integrity of any State or territory
  • the planning of criminal or detrimental activities such as child pornography, fraud, obscene material ---, the abuse of drugs, and gambling
  • the posting of advertisements for jobs in any other sector of employment other than hospitality, catering and tourism on our employment portal
  • concealment of banners ads on any page of our site
  • any kind of propaganda
  • official documents or financial data concerning another person
  • misuse of a system in order to add friends or send comments or messages
  • disruption of our networks and services
  • the retention of data related to a user that has cancelled his/her account or has terminated the contract that was binding you
  • activity that usurps the identity of another member
  • creation of a false identity to mislead people or institutions
  • use our site in a country that is under embargo or is on the blacklist
  • use the CV collection for commercial purposes or to collect information
  • knowingly permitting another person to use your account
  • activity that contravenes law regarding child protection
  • the sending of private messages for a commercial reason

use of the services of the site in a manner that is not compatible with the laws and regulations in force in your country of connection.
IWIH OÜ reserves the right to hold an enquiry and to take legal proceedings against anyone who violates these clauses and especially to remove the offending elements of the site and to terminate the subscriptions of the offenders.

8. Control of the publications

You are the only one responsible for the contents you are publishing on the site and that you make available for other users. You should know that we do not systematically control the contents before they are published and that IWIH OÜ does necessarily represent the opinions of individual users. We do not give any guarantee for the reliability of the published content. You shall be held as the only one responsible for your own publications and the consequences of their display. However we give the rights necessary to display content, including advertisements, on your profile page. IWIH OÜ has no obligation to filter --- publications. Moreover, we act as a host for online publications of information submitted by the users.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish or to remove any publication as well as to suspend or cancel your access to our services at any given moment and without prior warning, due to any false and discriminatory publication that is not related to hospitality and is against our regulations.

It is the responsibility of the company to check that the information in a Curriculum Vitae is correct and up-to-date. It is not the contractual responsibility of IWIH OÜ.
We give you the possibility to access websites of third parties through links on for practical aspects only. We are by no means responsible for the content of these sites that you can access through hyperlinks on your own responsibility. You commit to not post on our website, hyperlinks to external sites that are contrary to the present general conditions of use and the international laws or that breach the rights of others.

We reserve the right to start legal action against the publisher of any submitted information that could involve the responsibility of our company.

9. Limitation of responsibility

The responsibility of IWIH OÜ is not applicable in what concerns any physical or financial damages, incidents, indirect or direct loss, loss of interest, loss of income, financial loss, loss of reputation unforeseen or future damages. The responsibility of our company is not applicable in what concerns the conformity, legality and security of goods and services proposed on the site or for any other loss related to the operation of this website, even if our company would have been previously informed about the risks concerning any such damages.

You will be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, punitive, and exemplary damages, for profit loss, trade or financial loss. In addition, you agree to compensate all the managers, employees, partners, shareholders and agents of IWIH OÜ and to cover all legal and consultation expenses caused by or resulting from your use of our services and the failure to observe any of our Conditions for using the site.

We will endeavour to maintain the site free of errors or other running problems. However, IWIH OÜ does not guarantee faultless use and that the site is free of viruses, hackers or similar destructive elements and that its functioning and security are optimal.

You remain responsible for your hardware and as a consequence --- if your use of the site leads to damages to your equipment, we will not be held responsible for the ensuing costs. The company I Work In Hotels Ltd. cannot be held responsible for the loss or change in the folders or data that the user transfers on their own site.

IWIH OÜ can at any moment, and at its own discretion, stop its services or part of its services temporarily for any given reason (servicing, improvements, emergency repair etc) without having the obligation to refund the amounts paid by the clients for our future services or to forewarn its members about such inconveniences. It is also possible that the design of the site and certain functions be altered at any moment without our being held responsible .

You agree to be the only responsible for your videos and the consequences of their publication. We completely refuse any responsibility.
IWIH OÜ does not exert any control over the reliability of the information available in the CVs, the companies advertisements and all the other publications. Thus we cannot guarantee that the information present on our various sites is entirely precise and complete. Moreover, we cannot guarantee the veracity of the authentication of each user and we draw your attention to the risks related to your getting in contact with other people. Given the fact that only the user registered on the member part of our site, and not IWIH OÜ, carries out changes regarding the use and the communication of information on his/her profile, IWIH OÜ will not be in any case responsible for the information and the content posted online by its members.

Should a difference of opinion arise between you and other users of the site, you accept the impartiality of IWIH OÜ, and understand the absence of any responsibility, need for compliance or liability concerning any complaint or damage proceedings of any nature.

We cannot be held responsible in case of fires, explosions, incidents, flooding, earthquakes, tornados or any other natural disasters, air, sea and rail dangers or accidents, sabotages, assassinations, embargos, telecommunications breakdown, wars or civilian disorders, demonstrations or any other similar circumstances out of our control.

IWIH OÜ can transmit various identification data about you to its advertisement partners but it cannot be held responsible for the confidentiality practices adopted by them and which are linked to or integrated into the services provided by has links to other websites that do not belong to it. By accessing these sites, you leave the site and establish a relation with another company, completely foreign to the relation that you have with Thus, you commit to consult their codes of practise for the protection of personal data which can be different from our own conditions of use, and towards which we decline any responsibility.

IWIH OÜ declines any responsibility in the name of all local laws which implies that the user is to respect the laws of his/her country of connection when using our services.
You are the only individual responsible for your interactions with the other users. IWIH OÜ reserves the right, but does not have any obligation, to follow the disputes between you and the other members or users.

The impossibility to apply all the provisions or clauses of these general conditions of use cannot be considered as renouncing the present rules. These General Conditions of Use apply in the measure allowed by the law. If any of the dispositions in these General Conditions of Use turns out to be illegal, null or inapplicable, this disposition is considered as independent of the General Conditions of Use and does not have any influence on the validity at applicability of the other dispositions.

10. Confidentiality

The use of the services is also governed by the laws applicable in the area of judicial procedures. Our code of confidentiality is integral part of the present General Conditions of Use. The below section regarding confidentiality is intended to inform you about the information that is needed and how it is protected in order to respect the privacy of members.
The employees, agents and partners of IWIH OÜ can have access to personal information that concerns you but only if their activity requires it. IWIH OÜ can thus share your information with the individuals assisting it in the management and provision of different services like the processing of commands, the statistical analysis and also data processing. It can also share your information with partners, agents and sponsors that assist the company in the administration, with respect to its commercial services IWIH OÜ can use and communicate your names, surnames, emails and addresses, telephone numbers and any other element necessary to your identification within the limits the law. The latter can temporarily stock certain information on the servers, but they cannot use this data for any other reason than the one previously authorised by our company. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information that you transmit to us via the site . You also need to remember that the information presented on your user profile as well as the information published in the community part of the site can be accessed by the public. We cannot guarantee that the people who have consulted your CV in our database have not kept a copy of it on their computer. We could not, under any circumstance, be held responsible for the possession and use of your CV without your knowing. We give the companies and individuals the possibility to post announcements and publish their CV anonymously and privately but we cannot guarantee that certain individuals will not be able to deduce the identity of that particular employer or candidate. Public profile means that your CV will be available for consultation at any moment in our CV collection and the confidential profile will only be available for viewing to companies whose job advertisements you have applied for.

11. Means of payment

The costs of our services are indicated in the currency of your connection country. However, if this currency does not appear in our list of currencies, your purchase will automatically be made in Euros.

The services and tariffs of are open to changes in time. However, any commenced service the price of which or the offer were changed during its performance will continue with the negotiated price till the end of its term but it will stop at the end of the contract.

The credits and other commercial products on can be bought online quickly and safely and paid for with VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or bank order. For the orders placed online, once your order is validated on our website, when you pay by bank card, your payment operation is not made on the site itself but on the site of our secure payment service provider PAYPAL. In case you choose to make the payment by standing order, you will need to give us your bank details. The account has to be in the name of the payee. If the price of the already started service is unmanageable, we can, at your request, offer the possibility of monthly or quarterly instalments for the particular service, under the condition that we receive a satisfactory credit analysis. In this case, you will receive a settlement invoice payable in the agreed time limits in the order form or, in its absence, specified in the invoice. For the clients who have chosen a monthly or quarterly settlement, in case of a late payment, a time extension of 30 additional days will be given, as an exception, for the adjustment of the payment. As a result, if the reminder invoices are not paid, our financial department will increase the amount of the initial invoice by 15% by way of a late penalty. In case of non-payment of your invoice within the time limit allowed, we reserve the right to legally approach a debt collector or a debt collection body who will then apply its own tariffs in effect.

Unless specifically stated, no product or service that has been ordered on our website can be the object of a cancellation. From that moment you agree to pay us the price that appears on the electronic order form and you agree to accept this method of invoicing.
You do not have the obligation to renew your contract with us once your present contract is finished.

12. Data protection & SPAM

We gather the personal and demographic data that you choose to provide to us. We also collect the Internet Protocol address of your computer in our database. This number is automatically saved in our system and automatically identifies your access provider. This information helps us to diagnose our site and our servers and to solve the possible problems as efficiently as possible.

You can, at any moment, consult, correct or delete your personal data. In order to do that, all you have to do is to connect to your account and go to the settings menu. I Work In Hotels Ltd. does not save data about any deleted profile.

Moreover, we use the cookies in your computer in order to improve the management and use of the services of, to facilitate your navigation on the site. A cookie does not allow us to identify you; by way of contrast, it registers information related to your navigation on our website (the pages you have visited, the date and the time you were on the site etc.) that we will be able to read after you next visit our website. This information is saved on your computer for 30 days. The cookies and the Internet Protocol (IP) are a common practice on the web and are automatically generated by many sites on the web. The information that you publish in the public areas of the site or in the CV collection can be accessed, used and saved by third parties anywhere in the world. We try to provide a safe and secure environment by trying to limit the access to our database only to legitimate users (recruiters, employers, head-hunters, and other recruitment companies) but we cannot guarantee that unauthorized will not have access to the site. We can also communicate or sell identification data of our members if our company or a part of it is sold or purchased by another company in the frame of a commercial transaction, or if it is in compulsory liquidation or bankruptcy.

If you'd rather not receive notification and newsletter emails from I Work In Hotels Ltd., you can unsubscribe immediately. To resubscribe or change other I Work In Hotels email preferences, visit your account settings to manage all your email subscription.

IWIH OÜ is committed to take strong action to prevent against spam and thanks clients who write to us at paying particular attention to not confuse spam and advertisements from a body that has regularly collected your information and has informed you how that information was going to be used.

13. Whiteboard

The Whiteboard indicates the space for discussion put at the disposal of the users of our site by It allows interactive exchanges keeping within the profession and the discussion on a subject given or chosen by one of the users. Each user can then read in real time the comments and replies from all the other users, without distinction between people looking for work or professionals, and can bring his/her own contribution as live comments/answers.

By approving these general conditions of use, you confirm and guarantee ---that all the messages you send via our website will not contain any personal information of any kind (name, telephone number, address, email, membership of any groups or clubs…)

You should not overload the message with unnecessary information or opinions that will make the discussion topics steer away or to criticize the pertinence of a discussion topic as we remind you that the area is for relevant discussion.

You have the right to post links to Internet sites or blogs, personal sites, and links to Youtube, Dailymotion, MySpace...etc in the forum with the exception of sites that infringe our general conditions of use or propose direct access to a competitor site. The avatars or personal presentation photos are accepted on the condition that they are not shocking from any point of view.

You agree not to infringe any of the author rights or the working licenses on our Questions-Answers such as the one regarding the integrity of our site. You also agree not to post messages with fraudulent, pirated or counterfeited content. Sanctions can be applied in a case when a member does not respect the site conditions of use. This, according to the gravity of the offence can lead to the member’s indefinite exclusion from all the services of the site

14. Various

We appreciate the loyalty of our clients and your comments about our services and the site are welcome but we do not have any financial obligation towards you if we take notice of your advice in order to improve our products and services.

The Internet site with the electronic address entirely belongs to and is run by the company IWIH OÜ, registered in Estonia.

This declaration constitutes the entirety of the agreement between its parts and replaces any declaration published previously. Any amendment and dispensation of this declaration has to be established in writing and approved by our services. All the rights that are not specifically given to the user are reserved to IWIH OÜ and belong to our company.

15. Company (Client) Profiles

By proceeding, the companies, that register to will agree in the following:

1. Under the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms & Privacy (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”), the Service Provider (IWIH OÜ) hereby grants the Client (Company registering) the right to:
1.1.1. use the solutions provided by the job portal

1.2. The use of the portal lies in the employment of the solutions provided by the webpage to advertise the Client or to recruit employees/trainees.
1.3. According to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the right of the ownership of, as well as the design solutions, trademarks, software solutions and other intellectual property rights in relation to it, will not transfer to the Client.

2. Terms of Usage

2.1. The access granted with this Agreement is effective from the moment signed up and confirmed by IWIH OÜ and lasts until the Client and Service provider have not agreed differently.
2.2. On the basis of the Terms of Usage, the territory of use the portal, is not restricted. The Usage does not have spatial restrictions; it is valid worldwide and on the Internet.
2.4. The Client may not transfer the rights arising from this Agreement to any third parties.

3. Rights of Usage
3.1. The Client has the right to:
• Have access to IWIH OÜ portal to use the solutions to a necessary extent.

4. Confirmations and Obligations of the Client
4.1. The Client is obligated to:
• Compensate for all literally certified direct damage that IWIH OÜ has developed as the result of the Clients violation of the terms set forth in this Agreement;
• Ensure the confidentiality of the data of IWIH OÜ, whereas the Client has the right to inform the public about the client relationship with IWIH OÜ if the Parties have not agreed differently.
4.2. The Client is obligated to post only valid vacancies on Job Board.

5. Rights of the Service Provider
5.1. The Service Provider has the right to:
• Edit or make a suggestion to the Client if the posted vacancies are not according to this terms & Privacy document.

6. Obligations of the Service Provider
6.1. The Service Provider is obligated to:
• Ensure the confidentiality of the Client’s data, whereas the Service Provider has the right to inform the public of the client relationship with the Client if the Parties have not agreed differently;
• Ensure that the representative of the Client will be informed of the functional changes made to the website;

7. Warranty
7.1. The Service Provider does not warranty:
• The website’s work and conformity with all hardware and software configurations;
• Compensation for the possible indirect or direct damage resulting from the use of the program;
• Free execution of the enhancements made to the website at the request of the Client.

8. Force Majeure
8.1. The failure to perform the duties set forth in this Agreement at all, or not as required, will not be considered a breach of contract if the failure was due to circumstances that the Parties could not have influenced and could not and should not have foreseen or prevented. Such circumstances have to be certified and regardless of the previously mentioned unforeseeable circumstances, the Parties are obligated to take measures to reduce the possible damage. In the event of the preventing circumstance being temporary, the violation of the duty is excusable only during the time the circumstance prevented the execution of the duty.

9. Confidentiality
9.1. The Parties agree to maintain and keep the confidential information and documentation received from the other Party in confidence. In the event of a Party violating this rule of confidentiality, the Party at fault is obligated to compensate the aggrieved Party for the damage caused by the violation. The Parties are obligated to maintain and keep all data of the other Party that they have learned during the execution of this Agreement in confidence during the term of this Agreement as well as for an unspecified term after the termination of this Agreement.
9.2. The parties agree to ensure that their representative(s), employees, contract partners, and all other persons they use for the execution of this Agreement are aware of the rules of confidentiality set forth in this Agreement and demand from them the unconditional execution of these rules for an unspecified term.

10. Forwarding Notices
10.1. Notices are generally forwarded via telephone, e-mail, fax or mail. Should the forwarding of a notice have significant legal effects, the notices forwarded to the other Party have to be in a format that can be reproduced in writing.
10.2. Notices related to this Policy will be forwarded to
10.3. Each Party is obligated to immediately inform the other Party about changes in its contact information.

11. Jurisdiction
11.1. The disputes arising from this Agreement will be settled in the court of the Service Provider’s country of location.

12. Termination of the Account and Agreement
12.1. The Account and Agreement can be terminated by sending an e-mail to, where stated the intention about deleting the account.