Qualified Candidates

IWIH is a network for strictly hoteliers that know which positions they qualify and seek for. Candidates for internships and job vacancies are alumni and students of more than 25 hotel schools globally which makes IWIH the biggest pool of young industry talent.

Better Selection

IWIH is doing a lot to make your selection process easier. Feel free to use our Online Video Interviewing Application to interview limitless number of candidates with almost no staff input.

Save Time

Video Interviewing Application works regardless of the time. Pre-structure your interview whenever convenient for you and the candidates answer when suitable for him. IWIH provides you the best quality hospitality employees on one platform.

Save Money

Get limited free trial package for the first two months of usage. Post up to 15 vacancies for free and pre-select your candidates via the Video Interviewing Application.


Your IWIH Profile becomes the business card for your company. The profile will be visible for all our users and your employees can rate it in order to rise in ranking.

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